Game Cards

Famous Hens

Once you have a hen in your hand you will want to get them down. Place hens in your ‘coop’ and start to lay eggs!

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Famous Roosters

Roosters protect your flock from rats and raccoons. Unfortunately they fall prey to the occasional fox. Each rooster pairs with a special hen to score extra points.

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Instant cards

Red cards are played instantly. Climate change is inconvenient to us all and everyone’s hens stop laying for one round. Instant cards are meant to change up play, but beware of the deadly outbreak card.

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Different predators allow you to change the course of the game. Rats eat an egg from your opponent’s coop. Raccoons eat a hen, and foxes will force your opponent to discard a rooster.

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Special Cards

Chicken party! Play this card to discard or take any card. Most powerful card in the game, so use it wisely.

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Upgrade cards

Upgrade cards are a powerful way to get an edge on other players. Score more points, lay more eggs, protect your flock from diseases and more.

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